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Stylist Package 1

Stylist Package 1

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5 popular headpieces from across the range and the very popular Evie headpiece from the byKYNA COLLECTION 



These packs are strictly for Bridal hair stylists only. This link is supplied to selected partner stylists only to be used by them or their associates. Please enter at checkout where you received the link from for us to approve your order. 

This pack is sold at a hugely discounted price under the strict agreement the pieces are used only in Bridal hair trials and photoshoots/promotional work. Pieces are under no circumstances to be loaned, rented or sold on. 


We appreciate all tags on social media and will share your work on our social platforms in return. Women helping women, stylists helping designs, a win-win for everyone. 


Each stylist will be given a unique code which their Brides should enter at checkout to help us work out who to reward with freebies at the end of each year. Please encourage your Brides and clients to do so should they choose to order a piece from either or 


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