I'm  K Y N A   M A R E E  (pronounced Key-na I know you were wondering). I'm an Irish Milliner &  Designer, specialising in Bridal accessories, in particular Bridal headpieces &  veils.  Fusing a mix of vintage and classic design in my work my headpieces and Bridal accessories have been proudly worn by Brides around the globe and graced the heads of stylish celebs too!
It was during a fruitless search for a headpiece to wear on my own wedding day that I routed out an old box of bits n' bobs my Gran had given me as a child and I fashioned my own headdress to wear. So by solving my own problem I stumbled upon a passion for working within the world of Bridal styling.
With one Grandfather a traditional cobbler, the other a fine tailor and my Grandmother a gifted dressmaker you could say creating garments to wear is something that's in my blood. And so what began as a hobby has now led me to a full time career. 
I  am a true creative with a passion for style in everything I do. Over the past ten years my flair for design has found me working in many areas including home decor, visual display, photography , millinery and event styling, but it’s working with Brides and designing accessories that I enjoy the most.
Taking inspiration from all things vintage and gorgeous, I creates heirloom-quality Bridal headpieces and accessories to compliment an array of Bridal, everyday and occasion looks. Each piece is carefully designed by me and overseen from concept to completion. I now work closely with a team of traditional artisans to produce my designs so many talented hands contribute to each byKYNA piece. I use only the best quality mix of materials sourced from around the world and work with only the best in the industry.
I live in County Meath with my husband and our four children (a busy house!). Amongst the mayhem and madness of family life I escapes to my pretty studio in my home town of Batterstown to get lost in my world of creativity. 
You can follow the creativity in my studio (HERE) and follow the craziness of my home life behind the scenes of running a business over on my  personal blog (KYNA.MAREE)