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JULIETTE - Lace edge veil

JULIETTE - Lace edge veil

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The JULIETTE VEIL is a soft draping veil crafted from a delicate flowing English tulle and trimmed with a traditional fringed lace.  The soft drape if this veil means it  drops beautifully and simply follows the flow of the body and silhouette of the dress.  A beautiful modern drape with a traditional trim. 

Beautiful with simple classic gowns or those with a small amount of lace detailing. 



This veil comes in a narrow cut for shorter lengths to sit with straight or narrower dresses, if you dress has a full skirt or your train is quite long this style requires more fabric to sit correctly. You will notice a price jump for Chapel lengths and longer this is due to the additional materials. 



Warm Ivory 

Slightly warmer toned ivory than above. The warm ivory suits dress with a slightly warmer undertone or cream shade. 


 Fabric Samples

Not sure what colour will suit you can order a fabric sample. Or simply send us a picture of your dress and we can advise. 

Samples are available to order please see the separate listing in the veil collection or Order Here


Lengths Available

Floor - 72"

Chapel - 90"

Cathedral - 110"

Royal Cathedral - 120"


Length guide 

Fingertip cuts around mid-thigh or below the fingertips. A great choice for a simple sophisticated look, perfect with straight dresses with little to no train or chic short dresses. 


Floor just hits the floor and trails a little behind the bride. A great choice if you want the drama of a veil but no looking after it. This length will sit on the train of a gown and the raw edge means it will almost melt into the gown so you won't see where one ends and the other begins.

(Singel width veil)

Chapel a very popular choice at 90" this veil trails nicely behind the bride. Longer than most short dress trains the chapel length will sit longer than the end of the dress.

(Double width veil)

Cathedral A more dramatic choice at 110" this veil is quite long and is best suited to dresses with a longer train. Because of the soft draping of this style veil it tends to bunch together and so it is best worn nearest to the length of the dress or just slightly over, that way the veil rests on the dress and this helps it sit nice and wide. 

(Double width veil)

 Royal Cathedral The most dramatic length available off-the-shelf. The Royal Cathedral veil is a real regal choice. Think of any of the royal weddings and you immediately picture those long trailing veils. A beautiful choice but one that requires a little bit of minding due to the length. 

 (Double width veil)


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