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LUXE LACE Ruffle Headband - Black

LUXE LACE Ruffle Headband - Black

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These Luxury bands are a seriously edgy piece for any wardrobe. As chic as they are glam the bands can take you from a day at the races to a party or to an uber glam sophisticated event. A great addition to any accessory collection, an investment piece to treasure for years.

THE LUXE LACE RUFFLE HEADBAND is created from a luxury heavy lace fabric arranged on a soft velvet padded band. The lace created height and volume while letting the light through its intricate pattern. The fabric is carefully shaped, sewn and arranged on a padded headband giving this piece plenty of Oomph!

A statement piece but lightweight and super-comfy to wear. 


Designed & handmade in Ireland 🇮🇪🍀



These pieces are handmade and so slight variations will occur from piece to piece.


Delivery Times 
Please allow up to 7 working days for's usually quicker but at times may take 7 days. 

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