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PENELOPE - Pearl Wedding Veil

PENELOPE - Pearl Wedding Veil

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The PENELOPE PEARL VEIL is a classic veil with a contemporary twist. A medium weight neutral ivory tulle scattered with hundreds of 6mm pearls, beautifully gathered in small pleats on a wide comb this veil is full at the top and widens out into a sheer wide drape. This veil has a lovely drape while still holding shape with a little stiffness. 

A Perfect way to add a touch of pearl to a lace or beaded gown or theme her with a plain dress to show her off in all her glory. 


Style Tip

Pair this veil with a crystal, satin or pearl comb low on head or wear high above the crown with a headband for maximum drama as the veil will then  fall over the shoulders.



What's the difference? 

Penelope has less pearls that are slighly smaller than those on the Penny  veil. Penelope is a little less dramatic than Penny 



Note on length

Due to the nature of the pearls on this veil we recommend choosing a length that matches the length of the train on the dress or just a few inches longer to avoid people standing on or slipping on the pearls. 


Veil Width

 This veil is approx 60" wide at the widest point meaning it's a nice full size so skirts most dress trains. 



Neutral Ivory

A neutral off-white ivory shade that tones in with bright to warmer ivory dresses. Unless your dress is particularly bright or classed as "white" this is the shade for you. 


Fabric samples are available please see separate listing or click here 


Lengths Available

Floor - 72"

Chapel - 90"

Cathedral - 110"

Royal Cathedral - 120"


Length guide 

Floor just hits the floor and trails a little behind the bride. A great choice if you want the drama of a veil but no looking after it. This length will sit on the train of a gown and the raw edge means it will almost melt into the gown so you won't see where one ends and the other begins.

Chapel a very popular choice at 90" this veil trails nicely behind the bride. Longer than most short dress trains the chapel length will sit longer than the end of the dress.

Cathedral A more dramatic choice at 110" this veil is quite long and is best suited to dresses with a longer train. Because of the soft draping of this style veil it tends to bunch together and so it is best worn nearest to the length of the dress or just slightly over, that way the veil rests on the dress and this helps it sit nice and wide. 

Royal Cathedral The most dramatic length available off-the-shelf. The Royal Cathedral veil is a real regal choice. Think of any of the royal weddings and you immediately picture those long trailing veils. A beautiful choice but one that requires a little bit of minding due to the length. 



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