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2022 Studio Appointment

2022 Studio Appointment

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1 Hour Bridal Styling Appointment

There is no obligation to buy at your appointment, you are invited to bring along your dress and up to three people with you. During you appointment you will be guided as to which styles will suit best. You will be encouraged to take photos and videos and will be provided with the details of all you favourites from your visit.

Orders can be placed here in studio or anytime following your visit via the website(s). I always encourage Brides to take away the experience and have a think before placing an order.  

All you need for your appointment is yourself and either a picture of the dress or the dress itself and a picture of how you wish to wear your hair. It's a good idea if you don't have the dress to wear white or a light colour or bring along a white top to help visualise the look. Bring along pictures of any ideas you already have regarding styles etc, the more info the better but if all you have is yourself and no idea that's absolutely fine too :) 

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